Young Chop Accuses Kanye West Of Using & Abusing Chicago Rappers


Kanye West has a history of working closely with younger artists — especially from his hometown of Chicago.

While some might see this as a bonanza for the Chief Keefs or Vic Mensas of the world, Chi-town producer Young Chop has a different take on what’s going on. In a series of IG video posts, Chop accuses ‘Ye of sponging off the youngster’s talents — and then throwing them away when he’s used them up.

“The nigga Kanye don’t make it no better. You feel me. He be right along with the shots,” Chop said. “Use you, soak up everything niggas know, get you to write songs for the him, and then don’t call you after that. Fuck him.”

He continued his argument in the next post:

“Say for instance, like, ‘Don’t Like,’ and my boy Vic Mensa. He gon’ make it seem like he put them on,” Chop notes. “And he really ficking didn’t. Niggas started from the bottom. Ya feel me?”