Wiz Khalifa Tells Kanye West He’s Coming For Him

Kanye West Wiz Khalifa 1


Wiz Khalifa was in Argentina when Kayne West unleashed a multi-pointed Twitter attack on Wiz.

During his concert that night, it seemed like Wiz let Kanye know what he thought about him.

However, there were some who said the “Fuck Kanye” was coming from Wiz’s DJ, not the man himself.

Wiz was in Chile last night, and this time he made it clear exactly who on the stage was speaking bad about West.


(You can also see the video here.)



“Kanye gonna get smashed out,” Wiz raps at the beginning of the clip.

“KK is weed fool,” he mocks a bit later.

Finally: “We coming for you Kanye, you better run nigga.”

If these two actually were to throw hands, what do you think would happen?