Tyga Sued By Producer Over “Molly” Track

Tyga is once again caught in the mud, when it comes to lawsuits. Reports states, a producer is at the moment suing the Young Money MC because he hasn’t been paid his agreed royalties and because Tyga & Universal Music is disoobeying court orders to stop selling the song.

The producer under the name, Dosmond Mapp also referred to as Dez Dynamic provided Tyga with beat to his album, Hotel California. Dez was paid $5,000 up front and another $5,000 when the song was on the album. However, Dez claims he never received any of the promised money or neither the 3,5 percent of royalties from the album.

Dez took to Tyga to court, and a judge ruled that their contract which both parties signed was null and void that the song shouldn’t be distributed anylonger. Despite the judge’s rule of the case, the song is at the moment still available on Itunes & in stores.

Therefor, Dez has headed back to court to get an injunction again Tyga & Universal Music for continuesly distributing the song.