Tyga Says Drake Is One Of The Ten Best Of All Time

Tyga Drake billboard




Tyga is the latest artist to weigh in on Billboard’s controversial top ten rappers of all-time list.

Unlike Game, who raged against the rankings this weekend, Tyga was measured in his criticism.

“My thing is I think that you can’t be put Kendrick (who is #9) on there and not put …” Tyga said, after reading the list aloud on Power 106.

“I just feel like this is a lot of older people,” he continued. “This would be, like, the greatest rappers of all time if this came out, like, you know, 2005.  “But now it’s like you gotta give Drake his credit, you gotta give J. Cole his credit, you know what I mean?”



Check out Tyga’s take below. Keep watching for what Rick Ross has to say about the list. CLICK NEXT TO CONTINUE READING  !