Top 5 Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2015 revealed by FORBES

Forbes released its 2015 Hip Hop Cash Kings list, and there are few surprises. Diddy holds down the top spot, matching the $60 million he raked in last year. He can thank Ciroc for his financial success. Sorry, 50.

Next up are Jay Z (Roc Nation, his entertainment company, tour withBeyonce) and Drake (tours and festivals). Rounding out the top 5 are Dr. Dre, who garnered $620 million last year due to his sale of Beats to Apple, andPharrell (fashion, The Voice, touring).

No surprises here. If anything the list confirms the trend that live performances are increasingly the most profitable sector of the music industry.

1. Diddy — $60 million
2. Jay Z — $56 million
3. Drake — $39.5 million
4. Dr. Dre — $33 million
5. Pharrell — $32 million