Swizz Beatz Compares DMX to Tupac [VIDEO]

When Swizz beats was asked why do you think DMX is always getting in trouble, he responded extremely relaxed. He explains that when they were growing up, nothing was done on the internet, so now with technology, information can spread like wild fire. “It seems like every second your into some shit, but motha fuckas have been getting into trouble forever.

Swizz reassures us that DMX is one of the industry’s smartest people. DMX has done some dumb shit but between being book and street smart, he’s managed to balance himself again. “It’s like the gift and the curse,” he explains. “You’re talented here, and you have a struggle over there.” “That’s the average person in the hood story.”

“A lot of people are lucky that Dog is in phase 2 because if not, a lot of people would be under pressure.”One thing about him is that he represents the have nots.” After these quotes, Beatz starts comparing the rap God Tupac to Darkman. Take a look at the amazing comparison.

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Source : concretestatus.com