Martin Shkreli Gets Gooned Up & Creepy In His Beef With Ghostface Killah

Martin Shkreli promised he was going to end Ghostface Killah’s career earlier this week.

So we guess this new video from the pharma-douche, who seems to have accumulated some goons, is his attempt at doing that




“Most people never even try to beef with me,” he began, referring to Ghost by his “government name” of Dennis”. “Because nobody’s that dumb … At the end of the day, I’m very sorry for you. You’re an old man that’s lost his relevance and you’re trying to reclaim the spotlight from my spotlight.”

Shkreli goes on to say if he doesn’t receive a written apology from Ghost he will erase his part of ‘Once Upon A Time In Shoalin.’

Later, Shkreli’s masked goons call Ghost’s good buddy Killah Priest a snitch and threaten Ghost.

Should Ghost respond, or is he better off ignoring the creep?