Is Meek Mill Dissing Drake in This New Snippet From ‘DreamChasers 4?’

Meek Mill is currently working on his long-awaited DreamChasers 4 mixtape, and it sounds like he’s about to cause some major waves when it drops. In a new snippet from the project, it appears that Meek is once again going at Drake, and thus picking up their beef from the summer and fall.

You don’t hear Meek say Drake’s name on the song, but he does rap, “When I was saying shit about the rhymes you ain’t wrote, I can’t wait until we run into ya, I’ma put a gun in ya.” The line is clearly a reference to the allegation that Drake doesn’t write his own raps, with Meek adding in a threat of violence to the situation.

Meek’s new mixtape currently doesn’t have a release date, but since this will be his first project since the Drake situation, we should probably expect plenty of shots throughout. Whether or not Drake responds again is another storyaltogether.