Fights Break Out at Nicki Minaj Show in the Bay Area

Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not. A Nicki Minaj show last night in Concord, Calif. was marred by not one, not two, but “like 15″ fights according to one observer. The Pinkprint Tour rolled into Concord Pavilion presumably expecting a flawless show, but that’s far from what they got. Before you knew it fades were being passed out left and right. One concertgoer named Patrick noted his observations of the hectic scene on Twitter. “OMG Nicki stopped the show because like 15 fights broke out and bitches got maced. Shit was crazy,” he posted. Minaj apparently tried to quell the situation with Patrick later noting, “[Nicki] told the hurt people to come on stage. He later posted, “The Bay Area was fighting the whole show.”

This seemed to be a dark spot in what has been overall at seamless tour, even with the added element of Meek Mill’s beef with Drake seeming to poke its head out at some of the more recent shows. However, Meek’s dust up may have hurt sales. reports, ticket prices for the show fell from an average of $179 to an average of $148 between July 20 and the end of OVO Fest two weeks later. That’s a decline of nearly 20 percent, which is not normal. The two-week period in question included the release of both Drake disses, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back,” and Meek’s response, “Wanna Know.”

The tour wraps up August 23. Peep the ratchetness from last night’s show on full display, below.


#PressPlay: A fight breaks out during #NickiMinaj's performance in the Bay Area last night

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