DJ Khaled Got Lost On His Jetski At Night And Liveblogged The Story In Epic Snapchat Posts

If you’ve never heard of DJ Khaled before, then you need to get your head out of your ass. The famous music producer is known mainly for his motivational one-liners and his deep love of Snapchat (alongside his music of course). Thankfully for us mere mortals, he’s endlessly entertaining and never short of something to say.

In short, DJ Khaled got lost on a jet-ski yesterday and it was the greatest fucking thing to happen in the history of the modern world.

Taking to Snapchat, Khaled said: “It’s dark. It’s so dark. It’s so real out here right now”; “This shit real out here, boy”; “The only reason you see anything is because I got the flash on.” Despite being in real jeopardy though, Khaled managed to share some important life lessons with his audience. “The key is not to drive the jet ski in the dark. It’s against the law at night, there’s that. This ain’t right.”