Did Kanye Diss His Friend Drake With His “Facts” Song?


We all know that it’s been a long time since Kanye has released a solo song. That’s something to mention especially when the last track available was “Only One” which he collaborated with Paul McCartney on back on New Years Eve of 2014.

With the release of Kanye West’s new song “Facts” out, people are now debating whether or not it is a diss track aimed towards his pal Drake.  Although the song is just Kanye recapping the year of things he sees as true. When you listen to it and hear lyrics referencing Drake, it makes you think other wise.

Lyrics like “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman” are sure to raise some eyebrows. Could that be “fact?” In light of the song and how strong their friendship is, it is likely NOT a diss track.

This is proved by Drake and Kanye are on good terms. Last February Kanye let Power 105 know that he and Drake were making plans to possibly collaborate together on an album titled “Wolves.” They exchanged beats between each other but unfortunately nothing came of it. What did happen was Kanye released a song named “Wolves.”

That sounded like it was honoring the album that never came to be. Plus, it couldn’t be a diss track because he was at the Kardashian’s Christmas party which also included Kanye, obviously. I think that shows a pretty strong friendship.

Additionally the pair collaborated together on Big Sean’s “Blessings” song. I think it’s safe to assume that Kanye did not diss Drake.

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