Chinx Shot & Killed in New York


Man, when is the trend of killing rappers ever going to end? This morning, around 4am, Coke Boys rapper Chinxwas shot and killed in Queens, NY.

Chinx, who’s real name is Lionel Pickens, was reportedly driving in a Porsche with an unidentified passenger when numerous shots were fired from another car. After the shooting, both men were rushed to the Queens Hospital, where Chinx later died.

Lionel Pickens, 31, who goes by the stage name Chinx, was shot multiple times and a 27-year-old passenger in the Porsche was hit twice in the back about 4 a.m. as they traveled on Queens Blvd. at 84th Dr. in Briarwood, cops said.

The shooter sped off while the victim’s silver Porsche Panamera 4 came to a stop about a block down the street in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts. At least seven bullet holes pierced the front and rear driver-side windows.

An employee at the coffee shop said Pickens looked lifeless in the driver seat when cops arrived at the scene.