9 Hip-Hop Feuds That Left Some People Angry, Ruined, Or Even Dead

Hip-hop is a musical genre full of machismo and braggadocio. It’s easy to see how some wires could get crossed and how people end up feuding. It actually happens more often that people realize. While a lot of the “beefs” end, some still rage on to this day. Some feuds even have tragic endings to them. It seems like every rapper has had a feud at one point, and these are some of the most noteworthy altercations in the history of hip-hop.

Drake vs. P. Diddy

During the most recent high-profile feud, P. Diddy apparently beat Drake up at a club after Drake said some insulting things about P. Diddy’s girlfriend. Let that be a lesson to everyone out there: don’t insult a rapper’s girlfriend unless you don’t mind getting cold-cocked.