50 Cent Disses Puff Daddy, 2015 BET Awards & FOX

“FOX bought the whole goddamn show,” the rapper says.

50 Cent was not pleased with the 2015 BET Awards. He was specifically upset at the Best Actor award, which went to Terrence Howard, star of the FOX show Empire.

“It’s a damn shame what happened to the BET Awards,” 50 Cent says in a video posted by Say Cheese TV. “FOX bought the whole goddamn show. How you gonna have a best actor award given to Terrence Howard and not even mention Omari Hardwick?”

Hardwick is the lead in 50’s programPower, which the rapper has championed over Empire.

As he continues to voice his opinion of the BET Awards, he also takes a shot at one of the event’s performers.

“Motherfuck BET,” he says. “The highlight of the whole goddamn show was Puffy busting his ass. Fuck ’em. Fuck ’em all.”

Puff Daddy fell and landed on his back during his performance with Bad Boy during the show.