5 Crushing Examples Of What Happens When You Lose A Rap Beef


One thing is for certain: after more than 30 years, hip-hop has had its fair share of beef. From MC Shan vs. KRS-One, to LL Cool J vs. Canibus, to Meek Mill vs. Drake, beef is plentiful. But as it in every battle, there is a winner and loser.

While there’s no doubt that a little competition is good for the culture, sometimes the stakes can be rather high; a good beef could cause you to go from a platinum-selling artist to not being able to get a feature or worse, it could be a career-ender.

So, we’d like to take this time to look back at some of the biggest beef losers in recent memory. Check out our list, in no particular order.

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Source : hothiphopdetroit.com