10 Video Games That Are Shockingly Racist


10 Video Games That Are Shockingly Racist

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Video games are being made with increasing creative and artistic merit behind their conception. Whilst everyone marvels at how far graphics have come or how much better the storytelling has become, video games are also rapidly becoming a legitimate art form that can effectively tackle serious issues such as sexism, violence, and why chocolate is the true meaning of life.

But like most art forms, there are some instances where video games attempt to address certain issues and end up failing miserably. In this case, that issue is racism.

As racism becomes a more prevalent topic in everyday culture, video games have to be careful when addressing it. Unfortunately, outside of teenagers yelling racial slurs at you through an online chat room, racism has generally not been an issue that video games have focused on. That means some games can end up crossing that line between respectful and offensive. Some games may cause offense due to its gameplay compounds the racial issue, such as the ability to kill any character of any race in Grand Theft Auto. Other games may cause offence due to a lack of fact-checking, research, and a lack of tact when depicting characters from different cultures. And then there are those weird games that have no merit and exist purely to offend.

So here are 10 video games that are racist and offensive in ways that range from weird to blatantly obvious.