10 Celebrities With The Most Underrated Booties [IMAGES]

With the likes of fake booties beginning (or already ruling) to rule Hollywood, we can’t be the only ones who miss the natural butts, right? 

Well, fear not because there are some celebrities who have sworn to stay away from having anything done to their backsides (thankfully).

And in no shape or form is there anything wrong with perfecting your figure any way that you want to (especially since there are some alleged fake butts in this list), but natural still trumps all else — and that’s a fact.

Check out below the women we feel have the most underrated booties in Hollywood, many of which have natural butts you probably didn’t even know about.

10. Hilary Duff

Who would’ve thought that one of everybody’s favorite childhood stars had such an impressive backside? Well, nobody since she never really flashes her booty the way that the Kardashians would.

Hilary Duff, who heavily complained about her weight following the birth of her son, seems to have gotten her figure back, but the fat in the booty apparently stayed.

At least, I would think so since I can’t remember Hilary Duff being that curvy. Either way, the actress looks absolutely incredible and so does her booty!

9. Cassie

While her music career seems to have come to an end, Cassie has been keeping herself busy trying out new things such as acting and being a full-time girlfriend to music producer and businessman, Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs.

The Step Up 2 actress is well-known to show off her dangerously loving curves on Instagram, having also dedicated a lot of her time trying to follow her dreams as an aspiring model.

Well, it goes without saying that she certainly has the face, the body and the butt — oh, and the acting skills. Cassie is a full package.